Havco’s Expanded Sales and Service Team

Since October 2013, John Vozniak has embraced his new role as Director of Sales and Field Service. Based in the Indianapolis area, Vozniak brings nearly 20 years of commercial transportation experience and a wide network of industry resources. His position is helping Havco expand both the sales and customer service to trailer manufacturers, trailer dealers, aftermarket distributors and major fleets throughout North America.

“We are very excited to have Voz as a part of the Havco team,” said Havco Vice President John Carr. “He brings a wide range of experience to this position. His new role allows Havco to continue providing the superior service we are known for by customers and prospects. Prospects don’t became customers until you effectively present quality solutions for their problems and/or concerns. John is a great asset for demonstrating the Havco advantages. The Fusion Floor™ (composite) and Floor Shield™ (water-resistant top coat treatment) provide customers our unique, effective and proven solutions.” “Working with the flooring leader in the dry freight van trailer industry and having superior solutions does make this job easier,” said Vozniak. “I focus on being the service leader as well, and that’s what Havco strives to deliver. I’ve been in the transportation industry for 18 years. Over that time, I have developed a clear vision of our customer’s needs. They desire quality, innovation and superior solutions and that’s what Havco delivers!”