Strength You Can See

Fusion Floor by Havco® is our next generation of composite flooring. It fuses together the durability of oak with our signature red glass fiber-reinforced composite underside. The end result is a trailer floor that’s guaranteed for over 10 years of rugged, everyday use.

Fusion Floor is more than a triumph of materials engineering – it’s also the fulfillment of a vision: Create a composite floor for trailers that is lighter, stronger and longer lasting than anything else on the market. And we have the numbers to back it up: Fusion Floor is rated for up to 35,000 lbs. of lifttruck load while remaining lightweight – up to 360 lbs. lighter for a 53 ft. trailer than a traditional hardwood floor.

Fusion Floor is also nearly impervious to moisture, passing every TTMA Fatigue (load cycle) Test and consistently exceeding the stringent soak/dry test requirements set by Havco. It’s all thanks to our revolutionary composite flooring technology. Even after 10 years in the field, our thinner and lighter composite floors retain an unprecedented 80% of their original flex strength. How strong is that? That’s still 20% stronger than a brand new standard hardwood floor! Add to that, there is almost no distortion, warping, cupping, de-bonding or de-lamination.

It all adds up to a trailer floor you have to see to believe. Request a sample today! Want to know how much Fusion Floor can improve your fleet’s bottom line? Give us a call and we’ll give you a personalized ROI estimate.