Protect and extend the life of your trailer floor.

Havco® is now making the most durable trailer flooring on the market even better.

One-of-a-kind additions to your trailer floor, HD TopCoat™ and HD UnderCoat™ provide even more protection to your floor to make it last longer than ever before.

HD TopCoat™ seals and protects from chemicals, moisture and spills, delivers superior traction when applied as the topcoat, and makes your floors safer for foot traffic, forklifts and freight. HD TopCoat™ is perfect for your Havco® laminated oak and Fusion Floor.

Under your trailer, HD UnderCoat™ creates a durable water and highway chemical barrier, resulting in excellent protection for Havco® laminated oak floors.

While new to the category, it’s already proven its durability. How? HD TopCoat™ has been tested in 5,000 load and unload forklift cycles without failure.