100% Oak. 100% Havco®.

Total quality starts with the best quality raw materials. And oak is the only high-volume hardwood in North America that combines all of the desirable attributes necessary to make a high quality dependable trailer floor.

Why is oak better? It’s strong and long lasting. Time after time, 100% Havco Oak floors have proven to be the best and most reliable trailer floors in road service. Today, an overwhelming majority (80%) of wood flooring used in the van trailer industry is oak.

What makes Oak so long lasting? White oak is recognized as resistant or very resistant to decay, and it is the most decay-resistant wood among North America’s high-volume hardwoods. Maple is characterized as only slightly resistant or non-resistant to decay*. Oak also offers superior nailability. Scientific results of nailability tests show Maple splits more frequently than Oak after nails or screws have been used. In fact, hard Maple splits more than twice as much as either white or red oak*.

Best of all, Havco Oak is a verified sustainable resource. We source our oak from the mid-western and Appalachian oak-growing region of the United States where hardwoods are abundant and sustainable.