Is Fusion Floor Right for You?

Fusion Floor is a glass fiber-epoxy (composite) reinforced oak laminated floor. Compared to the conventional hardwood floor, the Fusion Floor is nearly twice as strong at the same thickness. The topside of Fusion Floor board comprises a laminated oak layer and the underside comprises the glass-epoxy composite layer. The composite layer is bonded to the oak layer by means of a polyurethane adhesive. About 15% of DFV’s are fitted with Fusion Floors as per the customers’ specification. It is typically used for hauling heavy paper rolls, and automotive goods that require a high load rating in a severe duty service environment. It is also used in lightweight trailers that are designed for hauling beverage in high frequency loading and unloading applications.

The Fusion Floor is made by reinforcing a conventional laminated oak floor at the bottom side of each board. A specially engineered glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite sheet is bonded to the bottom-side of the laminated oak boards by means of a high performance polyurethane (PUR) adhesive applied to both substrates. This bonding method creates an extremely strong and durable bond between the oak floorboard and the reinforcing composite layer. The design of our composite sheet and the bonding process was developed and patented by Havco Wood Products more than a dozen years ago. The composite reinforced Fusion Floor will provide the OEM and fleet a floor that is lighter, stronger and more durable than conventional hardwood floors. It also provides a permanent moisture barrier to protect the wood from road spray under the trailer, which translates into longer overall life when compared to the hardwood laminated floor.

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