Why Oak is the Best Choice for Your Trailer Floor

Laminated Oak is the most popular choice of hardwood floors used in DFV trailers. Approximately 65% of all new DFV trailers are specified to be fitted with oak laminated flooring.

Fleets, trailer dealers and OEMs specify oak floors for several reasons:

  • Oak is a sustainable hardwood resource, affordable and readily available in the North America.
  • Oak is very strong and naturally more resistant to splitting upon nailing than other hardwoods.
  • Oak is naturally more resistant to decay/rotting than other hardwoods.
  • The Fusion Floor offers several benefits over a conventional hardwood laminated flooring such as lower weight, higher strength, longer life and durability. It has a permanent and protective moisture barrier at the underside of the floorboards. The benefits of Fusion Floor are discussed later in more detail.

Laminated maple, mixed hardwood, and aluminum floors are other choices for DFV trailers. They are used in about 20% of the new DFV trailers. Laminated hardwood floor and Fusion Floor are NOT recommended for use in flatbed trailers. They are for use in DFV trailers, truck bodies, and domestic containers only. Typically, Apitong and aluminum boards are used in flatbed trailers.

Check out our oak floor guide and read more about why oak is the best choice for your trailer floor.