Floor Systems Components & Trailer Floor Systems Ratings

A DFV’s floor system includes the flooring itself, the cross-members under the floor that support the floor, the side rails that support the cross-members and the hardware that holds the floor system together. Like any system, a floor system is only as good as the individual components it is made of. The thickness of the floor and whether it is a hardwood, aluminum or Fusion Floor will affect the strength and performance of the floor and its load rating. The spacing of the cross-members that support the floor will also affect the floor system’s load rating.

Please check with your individual OEM to get their specific floor system load ratings for a given floor thickness, floor type and cross member spacing. Load ratings are based on TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) test method, which is the industry standard.

The floor system you recommend for an application can make the difference. It is Havco’s objective to provide each OEM, trailer dealer and fleet with effective flooring options to design a floor system that will meet your demands of freight type, trailer weight, durability, moisture protection and floor rating needs over the life of ownership of trailer. Our after-sales service to our various customers is an important component of our business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to meet your flooring or service needs.