Take Weight Out of Trailer Floors Without Losing Strength & Durability

By using the Fusion Floor, you can typically reduce ¼” of floor’s overall thickness when compared to a standard laminated hardwood floor. Alternatively, you can use fewer cross-members at wider spacing with Fusion Floor for higher load rating compared to standard laminated floor thus giving you a lighter trailer.

Weight savings can be as much as 360 lbs. based on reduced thickness for the floor in service conditions and even higher weight savings can be obtained when cross-member spacing is wider. A typical cross-member weighs about 27 lbs. Due to the higher strength of Fusion Floor, it provides more options in floor system design in terms of floor thickness and cross-member spacing. For example, a 1-1/4” Fusion Floor on cross-members at 12 inch spacing is significantly lighter than a 1-5/16” hardwood floor on cross-members at 8 inch spacing.

Aluminum wheels and wide-single tires can also provide significant weight reduction opportunities. A lighter trailer can provide you a noticeable sales advantage, especially if it does not reduce the trailer’s capabilities, strength and durability. Always spec the trailer for the service conditions and expected life.