100% Oak Hardwood

A superior quality trailer floor starts with quality raw materials. Oak is the only high-volume hardwood in North America that combines superior strength and long-lasting durability. But that’s only half the story. Our manufacturing process starts with the placement of green lumber in pre-dryers. Pre-drying significantly enhances the lumber drying-quality compared to uncontrolled air-drying. We pre-dry our oak for a period of two months under controlled temperature and humidity conditions for best results.

Quality Manufacturing

After pre-drying, our lumber is heat-treated in specialized kilns for a full two weeks. This creates low variation of moisture content across all our lumber, which makes for higher quality flooring for our customers The lumber is cut into strips for laminating. Havco then uses advanced WoodEye® laser-imaging technology to scan each strip of wood for defects. The defects are removed by automated saws and the finished strips are bonded together. We use a new generation of high-performing melamine glue in radio-frequency presses. Our oak gluing technology is first of its kind in North America for trailer flooring. Quality is checked and the quantities are verified at all the steps, starting with drying all the way through, gluing, finishing, packaging and shipping.

Extensive Testing

Havco conducts in-house research and testing to improve the performance and durability of our floors. Our product quality is measured several times a day and documented by our well trained QC inspectors. We have a dedicated quality control department at both plants that works around the clock, measuring bend strength, dry-shear and wet-shear strengths. Our quality inspectors have the authority to reject flooring that does not meet the strict Havco standards for trailer flooring.

Unmatched Performance

Since 1978, Havco has produced products that perform beyond expectations. One of the biggest considerations for fleet owners and OEMs when purchasing a trailer floor is Return On Investment (R.O.I.). Fusion Floor provides an unparalleled level of R.O.I. with its combination of high-performance, proven 10-year durability, low maintenance and weight savings. Wonder how much Fusion Floor can save you? We’ll give you a customized R.O.I. estimate. Just ask us.