100% Oak Hardwood

Made from 100% Oak hardwood, Havco Oak floors are more than just strong- they're decay-resistant and offer better nailability over maple according to the US Forest Service.

Quality Control

Several times a day, we test and measure our wood products for bend and shear strength. Our quality inspectors have the authority to reject flooring product that does not meet the Havco standard, which exceeds the industry standard.

Verified Sustainable

As a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc., Havco sources hardwood that is verified sustainable for generations to come.

What Sets Havco Apart

With over 100,000 composite floors sold, Havco Wood Products LLC knows how to make a product with vastly improved performance for our customers. Through technological innovations and a long history of commitment to quality, we continue to be the #1 manufacturer of composite flooring in North America. Visit our benefits page to learn more about how our products can improve your fleet’s bottom line. Havco® – 100% laminated oak flooring for dry freight vans, freight boxes, domestic containers and straight trucks with van bodies.