Floor Coatings

Get the ultimate trailer floor protection and extend operation life with coatings proven to increase ROI and durability. From improving traction for forklifts and foot traffic to creating barriers from harmful chemicals and road spray, our coatings will keep your trailers running longer and reduce the need for maintenance and downtime.

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Floor Shield Topcoat

Developed for superior moisture protection on the topside of trailer floors, like hardwood and Fusion Floor®, Floor Shield by Havco® is easy to apply and provides incredible, long-lasting benefits. It is virtually odorless, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dries in less than 20 minutes, gives a tack-free finish and is water-based, making it environmentally preferred.


Protect Your Investment with Floor Shield

Floor Shield can be factory-applied on new floors or field-applied on your existing fleet’s floors. Our floor treatment is a great way to extend the service life of all your hardwood flooring.

Water Based
Environmentally preferred formula with no VOCs.
Resists Moisture
Inhibits moisture from soaking into trailer floors.
No Mixing
Ready to use right from the 
container with easy application.
Fast Drying
Dries tack-free in minutes; trailers have low downtime.


Floor Shield


Volatile Organic Compounds
376 g/L
Flashpoint Tag Closed Cup
Over 200°F
Over 200°F
Brown Liquid
White Liquid
Dry Film Color
Golden Oak
Dry Rate
Less than 20 Minutes
24 Hours
Dry Characteristics
Tack-Free Film
Tacky Oily Film

Protect and Extend the Life of Your Trailer Floor with HD

Get ultimate flooring protection with our all-new factory-applied hot melt polyurethane coatings. Havco is now making the most durable trailer flooring on the market even better.

PUR Moisture Barrier
Hot melt polyurethane coating protects your floor and makes 
it last longer than ever before.
Seals and Protects
Shields your flooring from spills and minimizes moisture damage.
Water Resistant
Extends the life of your floors and cuts the cost of trailer ownership in the long run.
Improved Uptime
Less maintenance and keeps your trailers running longer with fewer breaks for upkeep.
*Not available on Fusion Floor.

HD UnderCoat®

Used on the bottom of your trailer, HD UnderCoat creates a durable water and highway chemical barrier, resulting in excellent protection for Havco laminated oak floors.*


HD TopCoat®

HD TopCoat is a hot melt polyurethane coating ideal for laminated oak and Fusion Floors. While sealing and protecting trailer floors from chemicals, moisture and spills, HD TopCoat also makes floors safer for foot traffic, forklifts and freight transport.