Laminated Oak Floor

Havco Laminated Oak floors are manufactured to strict quality standards.

Our lumber is custom dried in our own dryers and kilns to ensure a low variation of moisture. We then machine the lumber into strips and remove any areas that do not meet our standards. Finally, we bond each strip together using high-performing melamine glue in radio-frequency presses.

Laminated hardwood floorboard
Black undercoating

Sustainability and Oak

Havco Oak is a verified sustainable resource.

We exclusively source our Oak lumber from the mid-western and Appalachian regions of the United States. Our facilities are strategically located close to these Oak producing mills, ensuing we always have a plentiful supply.

Havco Strong

Our Oak floors are manufactured to strict quality standards, then durability tested several times a day. We use 100% Oak in all of our flooring products. Oak is the only high-volume hardwood in North America that combines superior strength and long-lasting durability.

Decay Resistant

Oak is recognized as very resistant to decay.

It’s the most decay- resistant wood among all of North America’s high-volume hardwoods. Time after time, 100% Havco Oak floors have proven to be the best and most 
reliable trailer floors in road service.

Regardless of Climate, Oak Lasts Longer

Climate can greatly affect the service life of wood. The study below shows the expected life of various woods when they are exposed to the environment; based on their resistance to decay. As you can see, oak can last up to 30 years, whereas maple and birch don’t even come close.*

Red Oak
25 years
20 years
20 years
30 years
White Oak
15 years
14 years
6 years
7 years
Sugar Maple
Life in Wisconsin
Type of Wood
Life in Mississippi
*Comparative Durability of Untreated Wood in Use Above Ground Author: T.L. Highley, Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, in International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, Elsevier Science Limited, 1995.

Other Products

Take a closer look at our other Havco-exclusive products. Contact us for more information and sample requests.

SEE Fusion Floor

After Market Floor Boards

Wanting to bring new life to an old trailer? Our high-quality, 100% oak after-market floorboards might be just what you need. And because they’re available at many trailer repair shops across the country, you can have them installed in no time.

Truck Bodies

Are you looking for a customized floor to fit your inventory of shipping containers? Or perhaps a specific size floor designed to fit your truck body? Our team of expert engineers can design and build the perfect floor solution.

Special Routes

Havco has the ability to customize a variety of features for your floor. From customized edge profiles and special routes, to D-ring holes and more, you can get just what you need in your next trailer floor.

Scuff Boards

Havco is committed to helping your trailers last longer. Our 3/4” thick scuff boards are engineered specifically to guard the trailer's, sidewalls, and provide the extra protection you need around your trailer’s lower rails.

Custom Coatings for Added Protection

Extend the service life of your floor with a protective coating from Havco. Our exclusive floor treatments are formulated for maximum protection and durability.

HD Coatings™

Available as a factory applied topcoat and undercoat.

Floor Shield

Available in pre-mixed, ready-to-use containers.

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With 40 years of experience in the industry, Havco is ready and able to answer any questions about our dry-freight floors and how they can directly impact your investment. Call us today, and start enjoying all the benefits of working with Havco.

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